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Website design is an art. It is not an easy job; either a complex one. When we use a certain methodology, website design work is an art. There are various type of website ranging from  a simple static site to dynamic. Our website are device responsive with UX/UI design concept followed by agile methodology. 
Having a business without a proper website or mobile app is a type  of traditional business pattern. This is not age of 19th century where customer walk to store front to buy stuff. This is an age of digital marketing. We build website which is device responsive, mobile friendly and CMS based systems. We advertise in google, yahoo and Bing. Our prospect finds us on google searching. We need a website that has a visibility in google, yahoo and Bing which Global iTech Systems promises for the visibility.
Let’s talk about the cost of website. How much does a website cost? A simple website cost from $500 to 50K, depends on pages, technology and scope. We can not predict the price before wireframing and scope definition. We calculate the hours, scope, and a proper planning to figure out the price of a website.
The price of website is different from one company to another company. Some company are small and some are medium size to corporate level. Some has a small job and some has big jobs as well. 
Small business owner will have a small scope where as medium sized will have bigger scope where as enterprise level company will have a biggest scope from website, CMS, apps to web application development. This shows the ranges of price from $1000 to 50K.
Another aspect of pricing depends on your company requirement. If you are looking for a device responsive website with UX/UI design concept and SEO friendly website, the web design agency spends lots of time for UX/UI design, web development, SEO audit and SEO implementation. Web marketing or SEO and online marketing plays a vital role in business’s brand visibility in google pages.
 Considering all these fact, the price range of web design is different from one to another company.